Nigerian Correctional Service updates site with new name after ICIR reported oversight


LESS than a day after The ICIR reported its failure to update information on its website, the Nigerian Correctional Service has corrected places where it wrongly referred to itself as the Prisons Service.

In a report published on Monday, The ICIR observed that two months after President Muhammadu Buhari signed the Nigerian Correctional Service Act which repealed the old law and gave the institution a new name, this change had not been effected on its site.

However, another visit to the platform on Wednesday revealed that name has been updated in the various sections. The old logo has also been removed and replaced with text.

A screenshot of the Nigerian Correctional Services’ home page before the update.
A screenshot of the Nigerian Correctional Services’ home page after the update.

It remains unclear if this update will be extended to the offices of the Service alongside other materials, as there is no provision in the 2020 federal budget for this purpose.

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