How to trace images online using Yandex


THERE  are several ways to verify images online. The FactCheckHub had earlier explained how TinEye and Google Reverse image tools can help to achieve this.

Using Yandex is another method.

It can be a useful tool in tracing images online.

It can help to know, if a photo has been altered, the location, and so on.

For instance, if a photo used to represent an event that happened in 2020 comes out in the search results as published in 2018, it means the event couldn’t have happened in 2020.

Reverse image search was used to trace a video of students running which was from a different event and not due to the fear of COVID-19 vaccination as alleged.

You can also know if an image from a particular country is passed to be for a different country; like when a photo of cattle in India eating tomatoes was falsely used to represent an event in Nigeria.

To use Yandex:

Save the picture

Save the picture you want to verify either on your mobile device or laptop.

You can also use the link/URL of the photo to search.

Go to Yandex website

Go to on your browser.

Once the page opens, click the image icon titled “images”.

Click the camera icon

After opening the image icon on your device, navigate to the camera icon and click on it.

The next page gives an option to upload the photo or to paste the URL in the search box.

Next, click on search, it will bring out the image [if it has been uploaded online before] or other similar images.

You can now sort and filter the results according to different metrics.

You can search for an image published by right-clicking, if you are using a Yandex Browser; then select ‘Search for this image’ on Yandex.



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