FACT-CHECK: Consumption of raw onions, garlics doesn’t cure COVID-19


CLAIM: Raw onions, garlics cure coronavirus

THE video showing a woman who claimed that ingesting raw onions and garlics is capable of curing the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria has again gone viral on social media.

The video has been spreading mainly on Whatsapp mobile messaging application and Twitter.

As of 24 March, 375,498 persons have contracted  the Coronavirus globally, while 16,362 deaths recorded in 196 countries, with no cure.

The anonymous woman claimed that once the onion or garlic is consumed or sliced and placed at room corners, people infected of COVID-19 will be cured.

She said the vegetables also could be blended into smoothes and ingested.

“I’m here to introduce another prevention for coronavirus across the globe. Please and please all the fathers and mothers, go and get your garlic and onions. It is good and it kills the virus. It is good for protection,” she said.

“Use it as many as possible; eat the raw one anytime, any day. It works. Please share and save someone.”

E ran enikan lowo,” she said in local Yoruba language meaning help somebody.

“Use a knife to cut it and put it in your room. If you have 10 rooms, put it in your 10 rooms. Put it in your living rooms, toilets, kitchen at the corners my brethren.”

“Go and get your onions as many as possible. Get it and use it raw any day, anytime and any hour. Blend and use the water for protection,” she dramatically appealed to the public with strong self-conviction.



As at the time of this fact-check, COVID-19 disease has gotten no cure.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is still working with scientists to get a cure via a model described as solidarity clinical trial.

The absence of a reliable cure for the coronavirus  also has been stated repeatedly by government authorities such as the Federal Ministry of Health and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Though several reports, for instance, the Times of India has reported that swallowing onions, garlic could help fight lung infections and reduce cholesterol level in the body, the report has no scientific backing.

Moreover, there are no verifiable or scientific proofs to affirm the claim that onions could stop people from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Sanja Jelic, a Medical Doctor and expert in pulmonary diseases in a medically reviewed report also maintained that onion cannot stop flu or cold as claimed.

“There is nothing special about an onion that would kill these pathogens.”

But David Cooley, Raw Food Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant argued that consumption of some local foods could help better respiration. Ginger intake, he stated in his article titled foods that help the respiratory system, detoxifies the lungs, garlic is capable of cleaning the lungs while onions could safeguard the lungs linings.

“Onions — loaded with flavonoids (antioxidant), which help fight inflammation from asthma by strengthening the capillary walls. They also can protect the lining of lungs and bronchial tubes from damage caused by pollution,” says Cooley but never said their intake could cure the deadly disease. He did not also make reference to any particular study.



There are no proven and scientifically-backed evidence to show that consuming onions and garlic can cure a victim of COVID-19.

There are also no proofs that the two identified vegetables could protect people from contracting the deadly disease, let alone placing sliced onions by the room corners as a preventive measure.

Therefore, the claims are false as they lack credible evidence.

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