TikTok to launch online election centres to combat misinformation


TikTok has revealed plans to open online election centres on its platform to combat misinformation and boost electoral integrity globally in 2024.

A statement by the micro-vlogging platform said, noting that almost two billion voters in more than 50 nations will likely cast ballots this year.

It added that its election centres will be utilised to direct users to reliable sources of information.

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With artificial intelligence (AI) fuelling fresh waves of misinformation and disinformation in form of manipulated media and deep fakes, there are widespread concerns regarding the possible influence of social media on this year’s elections.

Ahead of UK local elections in May, the video-sharing platform announced that it would open a Local Election Centre in the UK by early April.

“In early April, we are launching our in-app Local Election Centre in collaboration with Logically Facts, our fact-checking partners that specialise in analysing and fighting disinformation,” it noted.

“The Local Election Centre will provide our community members with reliable voting information including, amongst other things, links to resources from the Electoral Commission, the independent body which oversees elections in the UK.

“When on TikTok, people will be directed to the Election Centre through prompts on relevant election content and searches, and we’ll continue to update throughout this period,” the statement further added.

TikTok said that it was already taking steps to counter AI-powered disinformation adding that it will continue to do so during elections globally while outlining the company’s strategy for the 2024 elections.

It noted that it was facing new issues as a result of AI-generated content, which it has been handling with strict regulations and innovative solutions.

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The statement further reiterated its prohibition of altered content that may be construed as deceptive, including AI-generated contents featuring public figures if it shows them promoting a political viewpoint.

In order to get people to think about the material they were exposed to around elections, TikTok said that it will also be releasing a number of media literacy videos featuring Logically Facts in the UK. The election centres would display these videos.

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