Clip of Salama Mohamed speaking about abuse on a podcast is NOT about her divorce


A viral clip from a podcast featuring Salama Mohamed, an entrepreneur and content creator based in the UAE, has been circulating on the internet, particularly TikTok.

In the viral clip where she was speaking about her being abused, TikTok users claimed she stated that the abuse was the reason for her divorce.

Different versions of the clips from the full podcast have been shared on TikTok, which can be seen here, here and, here , but the captions saying she was talking about being abused in her marriage.”

Salama Mohamed is married to Khalid Al-Ameri with two kids; the duo are well known for their comic social media content centred around family and marriage. While there have been speculations from fans that the couple have been divorced, the latter are yet to make any statement/announcement concerning the issue.

The clips started making rounds on the internet from the third/fourth week in March 2024 and has garnered close to one million views on some accounts that has a considerable amount of viewership.


Salama Mohamed was abused in her marriage with Kahlid leading to divorce.


Findings by The FactCheckHub shows that the claim is MISLEADING!

Photo collage of the claims extracted from TikTok; Insert misleading verdict
Photo collage of the claims extracted from TikTok; Insert misleading verdict

The FactCheckHub traced the full podcast/interview on Hikmat Wehbi Podcast on YouTube which was aired on Tuesday March,  5 2024. In the full podcast which was over an hour, Mohamed was speaking about the challenges she faced as a child growing up with vitiligo, her social media presence, her business and being a mother.

The clip that was being shared of her being abused began at 10:39, the interviewer asked if her being in comedy started from a place of trauma and she responded in the affirmative while sharing insights of her childhood in which she was speaking about how she was traumatised and abused as a child. She further said seeing her children happy makes her sad as she did’nt have that kind of childhood.

“My life was’nt easy, it was not just vitiligo… Sometimes, when my kids Khalifah and Abdullah are playing fighting with each other, screaming and laughing all day you know as kids normally play. They’re having fun, sometimes i just slip away and go to my bedroom, and i just go under the cover and cry… as i think to myself that there was never one day where i did’nt go through many kinds of abuse and ‘abuse’ is the nice way to say it. It was torture literally…”

She also did not say anything regarding if she and her husband were divorced or not as speculated by social media users.


The claim that Salama Mohamed was abused in her marriage leading to a divorce is misleading; the video is being shared out of context. In the viral video, she was speaking about her being abused in her childhood and not in her marriage. She also did not mention if she was divorced or not.

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