Doctored video circulates that Nigerian doctor has found cure for high blood pressure


A video which claims that a Nigerian doctor has found cure for high blood pressure (HBP) has circulated multiple times on the internet.

The claim which could be seen here, here and here had the logo of Channels Television, including a footage with one of its presenters, Kayode Okikiolu.

In the thirty-three second footage, the presenter could be seen talking about the alleged ‘cure’.

A Nigerian doctor has created  drug that normalizes blood pressure in three days and in just one course of treatments, your body will be completely healthy and you would forget about blood pressure problems forever.

At about 12 seconds into the footage, the scene changed from that of the presenter to the ‘doctor who created the drug’ giving his testimonial about the cure.

I guarantee that after the first use of the product, your blood pressure would normalize , there would be no cholesterol in your blood vessels, hypertension would disappear forever, the risk of stroke and heart attack would be reduced to zero. Nigerians have already tried the drug and got rid of hypertension. Join the hypertension treatment programme.

The footage also had the signature tune of Channels TV news with a caption thus:

shocking discovery: 4 out of 6 people with high blood pressure can permanently lose their sight.

It also contained other typical features peculiar to Channels TV such as the color, the breaking news/headline news ticker showing time and scrolling texts.

Multiple versions of the clip, including the one archived here have also been circulating.

Screenshot of the viral claim; Insert, False verdict
Screenshot of the viral claim. INSERT: FALSE verdict


Nigerian doctor finds cure for high blood pressure.



Findings by The FactCheckHub show that the claim is FALSE!

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) and National Kidney Foundation (NKF), there is no cure yet for high blood pressure or hypertension.

Although there isn’t a cure for high blood pressure, patients can still make meaningful changes in their lives, such as changing their lifestyle and taking their doctors’ recommended BP-lowering medications, both organisations claimed. They added that these adjustments can thereby improve their quality of life and lower their risk of stroke, heart disease, and other conditions.

The FactCheckHub spoke with Dr Muneerah Owolabi, a medical officer at the 063 Nigerian Air Force Hospital in Abuja. She confirmed that though essential hypertension cannot be cured, it can be controlled with medicine and a change in lifestyle.

“Essential hypertension is not curable but can be managed with lifestyle modification and medications. Medications can be reviewed based on subsequent blood pressure readings. Secondary hypertension on the other hand, its cause can be identified and managed thereby curing the hypertension.

“For example, a patient with renal artery stenosis that undergoes revascularization or a patient with hyperthyroidism that undergoes thyroidectomy,” she explained.

Also, a careful look at the footage shows that the audio and visual aren’t in sync from the beginning of the clip till the end, though the head and facial features appeared to be in motion.

A look also at the footage at 12 seconds where the ‘doctor’ was introduced, shows the same features/qualities as of when the presenter was speaking initially.

A careful scrutiny of the video also showed that the backdrop of the video was backwards which translates to the video being flipped which is a common mechanism when individuals try to manipulate videos to make it difficult to identify the source of the video.

When this researcher conducted¬† a search on YouTube with the keywords ‘Nigerian doctor finds cure for high blood pressure Channels TV’, the results led us to a 25-minute footage of Health Matters episode, a health-focused programme on Channels TV. The footage is titled: Causes of high blood pressure and how to prevent it.

Speaking on why doctored videos are on the rise and why health misinformation is dangerous to the society, Silas Jonathan, a fact-checker and researcher with Dubawa said the proliferation of advanced technology, such as AI and digital tools, coupled with widespread mobile internet accessibility, has significantly contributed to the surge in manipulated videos.

“Individuals can effortlessly employ AI tools to create deepfakes or utilize free online resources to modify authentic videos. The persuasive impact of visuals makes them a readily available tool for those aiming to deceive the public, as people tend to trust what they see, making altered videos a convenient means of manipulation,” he stated.

Jonathan added: “The commercialization of the online sphere has taken a notable turn. The familiar tactic of prompting users with “like and share” to engage with content for profit has evolved. Now, manipulated videos are employed to capture users attention, fostering interaction and, ultimately, driving profits.”

He noted that health misinformation can be incredibly harmful because it misguides people about medical treatments, preventative measures, or even the nature of certain illnesses.

“It can lead individuals to make decisions that endanger their health, delay necessary medical care, or even cause them to pursue ineffective or harmful treatments. In society, widespread health misinformation can erode trust in healthcare professionals and institutions, creating confusion and potentially worsening public health outcomes,” he opined.



The claim that a Nigerian doctor has found a cure for high blood pressure is FALSE; there is no cure for cancer, according to multiple health sources as the footage is clearly a manipulated video.

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Seasoned fact-checker and researcher Fatimah Quadri has written numerous fact-checks, explainers, and media literacy pieces for The FactCheckHub in an effort to combat information disorder. She can be reached at sunmibola_q on X or [email protected].


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