No! Video does not show Wizkid performing in Saudi Arabia


AN X user @jibola844076 posted a video on the social media app with the claim that it was an ‘ongoing  Wizkid performance in Saudi Arabia.’

The 16 seconds footage captured the audience at a concert while Wizkid’s song ‘Pakurumo’ with an audience singing along was playing in the background. The video had an inscription: “only one big wiz can you hear the crowd singing word to word.”

The video also had a second caption: Wizkid performing right now at Saudi Arabia.

The video, posted on Thursday, December 14, 2023, has garnered over 460,000 views, over 6,200 likes and more than 1,100 reposts as of Sunday, December 17.
A close look at the video shows that it was culled from TikTok with the username @wizkidback001 watermark on the video.
A search of the username, @wizkidback001, on TikTok  led us to the account where the same video was originally posted. It had gained over 73,000 plays and over 7,000 likes on the TikTok account.
Wizkid is a Nigerian Afrobeats singer who has many records and awards to his name.


Video shows Wizkid performing at a concert in Saudi Arabia.

Screenshot of the claim; Insert misleading verdict
Screenshot of the .; INSERT: Misleading verdict.



Findings by The FactCheckHub revealed that the claim is MISLEADING, as the footage has been doctored.

Using Invid to verify the video via the TikTok web link, it was divided into key frames and thus led us to different versions of the same video on TikTok.

Checks show that the video was from a concert hosted by a Puerto Rican artiste, Bad Bunny, whose genre is Latin Trap. Several versions of the video showed that the video was uploaded on TikTok in August 2022. There were variations of the dates the video was posted as some were posted on the 24th and others on the 27th of the same August 2022.

Further checks revealed that the audio of the footage was manipulated with an audio of Wizkid singing along with his fans.

More findings showed that Bad Bunny was on a world tour in 2022, and he performed on the 23rd of August in Washington DC and on the 27th of August at New York.

Image of Bad Bunny 2022 world tour
Image of Bad Bunny 2022 world tour flyer. CREDITS: Pitchfork

The FactCheckHub could not independently verify the exact city the concert took place in the United States.

But a check on Wizkid’s profile on Instagram shows that the Nigerian singer was in Lagos, Nigeria over the weekend for the holidays while pictures on his page showed that the last concert he performed was in Sweden.



The claim that the video shows Wizkid performing at a concert in Saudi Arabia is MISLEADING; as findings revealed that the video is from one of Bad Bunny’s concert in 2022, though the audio is also manipulated.

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