Claim that Lagos kicks off disbursement of ₦5bn palliative is FALSE!


A claim that the Lagos State Government has began disbursement of the ₦5 billion palliative allocated to each state of the federation by the Nigerian Government has been circulating on WhatsApp.

The federal government had on Thursday, August 17, 2023 announced that it will disburse ₦5 billion to each state to cushion the impact of the petrol subsidy removal.

The Cable had reported that the palliative would enable state governments to procure 100,000 bags of rice; 40,000 bags of maize and fertilizers to cushion the effect of food shortage across the country.

The claim was contained in a broadcast message sent to various contacts in a WhatsApp group. The message asked individuals to check if they are eligible to receive the palliative by clicking on a web link.

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The WhatsApp post read:


Check now if you are among the Lagosians to receive this Palliative from the Federal Government of Nigeria.




Lagos state has begun disbursement of the ₦5 billion palliative.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp post. Insert: FALSE verdict.
Screenshot of the viral WhatsApp post. Insert: FALSE verdict.



Checks by The FactCheckHub show that the claim is FALSE.

A careful look at the website link shows that the domain name has features synonymous with most phishing websites which The FactCheckHub had reported in the past.

Whenever users click the web link, it neither direct them to the official web page of the Lagos State Government or the Lagos State ministry of finance.

Rather, it asks you to fill in personal details like your name and bank details. Thereafter, you will be asked to share to groups and your phone contacts till a ‘green bar is full.’ This is a typical modus operandi of phishing websites and online scams.

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Media reports only stated that a ₦5 billion fund will be allocated to each state; but there is no report of Lagos state disbursing the palliative fund yet.

Moreover, the money allocated is to procure relief materials and not to give individuals cash.

To avoid falling victim to click baits by scammers or phishing websites, learn how to identify phishing scams and websites here.

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The claim that the Lagos State Government has started disbursing the ₦5 billion fund it was allocated by the Federal Government is FALSE; findings revealed that the web link is a phishing scam.

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