Malami joins Nigerians to defy ban, access Twitter using VPN


Did the Nigeria Attorney General of Federation (AGF) Abubakar Malami flout Twitter ban? a question posed to the FactCheckHub for verification.

The Federal Government of  Nigeria had ordered the  suspension of Twitter in Nigeria.

This was followed by blocking access to the microblogging platform in the country,  although this has been described as unconstitutional in some quarters.

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Twitter’s suspension by the Government came two days after a post by the President,  Muhammadu Buhari was taken down by the platform. He had threatened to crack down on insurrection while making reference to the civil war.

However, many Nigerians  bypassed the restriction to continue accessing Twitter using Virtual Person Network [VPN].

In reaction, Malami ordered for the prosecution of anyone who violates the ban.

“Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, has ordered the prosecution of offenders of the federal government ban on Twitter operations in Nigeria,” a statement from his office read.

The wife of the President Aisha Buhari deactivated her account few hours after the announcement, this was not the case for the President, Malami and other top government functionaries who as of June 6, still had ‘live’ account the ICIR report.

In a turn of events, on June 8, Malami on his verified Facebook page  – archived here – announced that he has deactivated his account, he accompanied it  with a screenshot.

A screenshot of Malami’s post on Facebook.

Lifting of the ban, traveling out of the country or by VPN are some of the ways to access Twitter.

The ban has not been lifted and Malami did not announce that he was outside Nigeria when he accessed his account. This leaves the VPN option.

A VPN icon can be seen at the top right of the screenshot he posted.

Screenshot shared by Malami shows VPN icon.


Available information suggest that it is TRUE  Malami flouted the Twitter ban to access his account. Whether he will be prosecuted, remains to be seen.



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