Is the world populated with more women than men?


A post circulating online in Nigeria puts forward that the population of women on earth is three times that of men.

The post, retrieved from a WhatsApp group, gave its source as the 2019 United Nations Demography Report.  It noted that there are 5.6 billion women to 2.2 billion men.


There are 5.6 billion women and 2.2 billion men on earth as of 2019.

Screenshot of claim circulated on Whatsapp

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Findings by The FactCheckHub show that the claim is false.

The 2019 United Nations report on demography shows that the men to women population are almost at a 1:1 ratio. They are both at an estimated 3.8 billion each.

The 2019 demography puts the women population at 3,824,434 billion while men at 3,889,035 billion which is higher by 64.6 million.

From the data, some countries have a higher ratio of females to males. Nigeria is not one of them.

There are 101 million men to 99 million women in Nigeria [i.e 101,832 million and 99,132 million, respectively].

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Consequently, the 2020 data also showed that the male population at 3.92 billion (3,929,974,000)   is higher than women at 3.86 billion (3,864,825,000).


The claim that the women population is thrice the number of the male population in 2019  is FALSE.



21/01/22: The second paragraph under ‘The Findings’ was changed from “…are almost at a 50-50 ratio” to “…are almost at a 1:1 ratio”.

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