How to get verified on Twitter as a journalist


JOURNALISTS fall into one of the seven categories eligible for Twitter’s verification.

“The blue verified badge on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic. To receive the blue badge, your account must be authentic, notable, and active,” says Twitter.

The verification badge is not necessarily earned by follower count. Journalists with less than 200 followers (as seen in the profile archived here) have been verified by Twitter.

This is not to say accounts don’t get verified due to follower or mention count.

“If your account is detected to be in the top .05 per cent follower or mention count for your geographic location, it may count towards notability evidence for certain categories,” says Twitter.

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For journalists who have at least three stories published by verified news media within the past six months, all you need to do is prove your identity to Twitter by carefully following the steps below.

You will need:

  • An active account that directly reference your employer’s official URL or handle in your bio. Your employer should have a verified account.
  • In addition, links to three articles with your byline published by a verified medium within the past six months and a valid government-issued ID.
  • Official websites or news articles published by verified organisations referencing your Twitter handle or registered email address to use to authenticate your account.

The steps I followed to get my account verified:


Have an active Twitter account that adheres to Twitter rules: You must have a profile name, a recognizable profile image, and your account must have a confirmed email address or phone number. You must have logged into the account in the last six months.


Link your verified Muck Rack profile to your Twitter:  This helps to show articles published under your name. It is, however, not mandated.


Log into your Twitter account, click “Settings and privacy” under your profile.

Screenshot from Twitter


Under Settings, click “Your account”.


Under your account, click “Account Information“.


When your account information is displayed, click “Verification request“. It will take you to a prompt page with “Start Verification”.


Select the “News organisation or journalist” category.

Screenshot from Twitter


Select the account type that best suits you as a journalist.

Screenshot from Twitter.


Confirm the eligibility of your news organisation by entering the Twitter handle.


Click “Yes, it’s complete” if your profile meets the criteria for a journalist (make sure your Twitter bio references the verified organisation you work for).


Add reference of employment: Provide a link that references you as a journalist. The reference must come from the official site of a verified news organisation and also add a link to your author page with a bio that references you as a journalist and has a photo of you and it should also have your Twitter handle too.


Screenshot from Twitter.


Review and Submit: Carefully review the provided information, as errors may impact the verification outcome.


You will be VERIFIED within 24 hours if you meet all the requirements.

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