IFCN awards $2 million to 20 groups to fight misinformation globally


THE International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute has awarded $2 million to 20 groups to enhance their capacities to fight misinformation globally.

Announcing the award on March 1, 2024 via a blog post, IFCN director, Angie Drobnic Holan said the proposals selected for funding will all strengthen the global network of fact-checkers that is essential for the fight against dangerous misinformation.

“The winning proposals put forward innovative, impactful fact-checking projects that will make a difference around the world. With upcoming elections and the arrival of generative artificial intelligence, fact-checkers need resources to engage and innovate,” Holan said.

The grant tagged ENGAGE is the third phase of the Global Fact-Check Fund, a $12 million initiative established by a grant from Google and YouTube. It is being administered by the IFCN.

A statement from the IFCN said the grant will enable the beneficiaries to cross-pollinate features across technology channels, explore new target markets, capture audience research metrics and analytics, employ digital media, enhance community engagement, or apply innovation and experimentation to develop tools for fact-checking.

Some of the funded proposals include “Newschecker” in India which was developed to equip senior citizens with the tools to combat misinformation through digital literacy training.

“Fake News Tragač” in Serbia which will leverage eye-tracking technology to understand how audiences consume fact-checks and tailor communication strategies for maximum impact and “The HKBU Fact-Check” in Hong Kong aims to promote media literacy through interactive public exhibitions and student-led workshops.

Others are “The ColombiaCheck” in Colombia, which will be launching an engaging chatbot and media literacy programme targeting young people, and “Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative, Nigeria” among others. 

The grant follows the fund’s first phase, BUILD, which awarded grants to verified signatories of the IFCN’s Code of Principles, and GROW, which allowed non-signatory organizations to apply with the endorsement of a verified signatory as long as the projects advance fact-checking.

It will be recalled that The FactCheckHub and Dubawa were among the 35 organisations named in June 2023 as recipient of the fund’s Build phase.

The release of the ENGAGE phase winners concludes the three-tier round for 2023. Two more rounds, in 2024 and 2025, are upcoming.

The next stage of the project, BUILD for 2024, will open grant applications in March. The $25,000 awards will fund material and logistical support for continuing activities as well as capacity growth for fact-checking organisations globally.

Below is the full list of ENGAGE recipients, according to their name and country: 

Agence France-Presse (AFP), France

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative, Nigeria

Chequeado, Argentina

Colombiacheck, Colombia

Demagog, Poland

Doğruluk Payı, Turkey

Fact Crescendo, India

Faktograf, Croatia

Maldita, Spain

HKBU Fact Check, Hong Kong

Ideosync Media Combine, India

Liputan6.com, Indonesia

Mongolian Fact-checking Center, Mongolia

Newschecker, India

FakeNews Tragač, Serbia

Redes Cordiais and Lupa, Brazil

Science Feedback, France

Facta and Pagella Politica, Italy

Factcheck.org, North America

Wisconsin Watch, North America.

FactCheckHub | Website

Amala is a tactical Fact-Checker, who is passionate about using Fact-checking to curb the spread of Misinformation and Disinformation which has become prevalent in the media space. She can be reached on X at muonweblessing and LinkedIn on Amala Blessing Muonwe


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