How true is claim attributed to Charles Soludo on Peter Obi’s investment in Anambra?


A claim circulating on social media attributed to the Anambra State Governor, Charles Soludo, says the investment made by Peter Obi, ex-governor of the state, at $20 million is now worth $100 million.

The claim, first retrieved on June 20, 2022, from a Facebook page “Lamentations of a Bishop” archived here, has gathered various reactions, including 724 likes, 709 comments and 90 shares.

It surfaced on social media amidst drives to drum support for Obi, a presidential candidate under the Labour Party (LP), as the country prepares for the 2023 general election.

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TheFactCheckHub discovered the post has widely circulated on Twitter.

A screenshot of the tweet.

One of the tweets from a verified handle @isaacafrica_ archived here says, “Did you know that Peter Obi’s $20 million investment in Anambra is worth $100 million today? We don’t grow big to manage well. We manage well to grow big. Peter Obi has shown faithfulness in little. For this and more, he’s easily the best man for the job. #ObiKwaso lokan”. The tweet has since gathered 5,040 likes and 1,814 retweets.

Another tweet from @buchyogba reads, “Peter Obi’s $20m investment in Anambra is worth $100m today —Soludo.”

A screenshot of the tweet.







The Anambra state Governor, Charles Soludo, said that former governor Peter Obi’s investment of $20 million is now worth $100 million.

A screenshot of the Facebook post

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Findings by The FactCheckHub show that the claim is FALSE.

Through his verified Facebook page, the Governor of Anambra state, Charles Soludo, took to the Facebook post’s comment section to debunk the claim. The disclaimer says that the claim shouldn’t be accredited to the governor, as it did not originate from him.

A screenshot of his response
“Where did you read or hear me make such false statement? This fake news has been roundly debunked by my team,” the comment read.
“We can always carry on with campaigning for our preferred candidates without consciously misleading the reading public. This report is false and never emanated from me. Thank you”.


Claim attributed to Charles Soludo that ex-governor peter Obi’s investment of $20 million is now worth $100 million is FALSE.


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