Video showing a child allegedly being shot is from a movie, not Israel-Hamas war


A video showing a child supposedly being shot with a gun has circulated online amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

An X user with the name Mohammed Munajir (@munajir92) shared the video that showed people standing around a child laying on the floor. There was also a camera hanging over the little crowd with some of them fixing its position, while also adjusting the child’s lying posture.

The captions on the post read, “See how Israelis are making fake videos saying that Hamas killed children.”

Multiple X users have also shared the same video alongside similar caption. See them here, here, here, and here.

The video is circulating following the Israeli bombardment of Gaza after Hamas, an armed Palestinian group, launched attacks on Israeli towns and settlements near the Gaza Strip on October 7.

Since the war began, there have been increase in misinformation and disinformation narratives circulating online, some of which have been reported by Reuters here.



Video shows a child being shot in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.



Checks show that the claim is MISLEADING.

Using reverse image search, the footage was traced from one of the X accounts which published it to a TikTok account, archived here, whose handle appeared on the clip.

An advance search on Google revealed that the video was uploaded on TikTok on April 21, 2022 and it showed a behind-the-scenes footage of a film produced by the crew seen in the clip.

The caption shared alongside the footage on the TikTok account named ‘awawdeh production’ reads: “Behind the scenes of filming the scene of the settlers’ enemies attacking the child, Ahmed Manasra.”

A keyword search on Google using the name: Ahmed Mansara film revealed that the claim that this clip shows a staged attack on children have been circulating since 2022.

An X user, @avikaner, had in a post in April 2022 raised alarm that the footage might be used for misinformation to incite violence.

His post in 2022 read: “Palestinians “stage” a killing, using actors dressed as Jewish and @IDF. These fake images will be used to incite violence and misery. @amnesty @hrw will use it as “evidence.”

Reuters also in April 2022 published a fact-check debunking the above X post, noting that the clip does not show Palestinians staging a fake killing.

According to Reuters, it shows the filming of a short movie titled “Empty Place,” directed by Awni Eshtaiwe, which is based on events that led up to the imprisonment of Palestinian Ahmed Manasra.

“The scene viewable at 1:15 in the short film corresponds to the footage circulating online. The individual on the ground and the clothes he is wearing match the social media footage.

“Empty Place” director Awni Eshtaiwe told Reuters the footage circulating online was taken during filming of his short movie,” the report stated.

In conclusion, the footage neither shows Israelis nor Palestinians staging killing of children in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.



The claim that the video showed a child allegedly being shot is MISLEADING; findings show that the footage is from a behind-the scene of a movie titled “Empty Place” and shot in 2022 and not related to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.


* This fact-check was written by Rejoice Taddy, a fellow of the ICIR’s Countering Misinformation and Promoting Media Literacy project, supported by the German Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.


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